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Re-Stringing pearls and beads

The last thing you need is to be on the dancefloor at a wedding and find out you should have had your pearls re-threaded, as your precious pearls scatter across the floor. Of course this horror story is a scenario nobody needs. Pearls require re-threading from time to time as the silk gets a little tired, frayed and stretched. Moisture, sweat and perfumes are absorbed into the silk and your pearl strand needs some love and attention. Bring them to us and we can help. If the clasp needs adjustment or replacing a full re-thread is required then also.

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Re styling your old jewellery








Stone setting

Stone setting







Custom Jewellery

Do you design your own jewelry and now you're looking for somebody to produce it? You've come to the right place. we also do custom work, so we can produce your design on 3d. If you already have made a sample please sent us a picture, otherwise, a drawing in most cases is also enough for us to (re) produce it.